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Engineering projects

TechOnBoard gives the opportunity of implementing end-to-end solutions starting from requirements:

  • Advice, identification, selection and HW purchasing to fulfill requirements (Gateways, BoxPCs, HMIs, switches, etc.)
  • SW developmente and HW-SW integration
  • Factory Acceptance Testing and Site Acceptance Testing
  • Commissioning
  • Technical documentation based on Railway Standards

What TechOnBoard proposes is to make it easier to the customer's Project Manager:

  • Single Point of Contact for an entire project, avoiding providers coordination
  • To create an internal (R&D) project for HW integration: to find an internal resource and to learn the HW technology


In case that project requirements are not freezed, or just because the customer wishes, it is possible to provide a consultancy collaboration:

  • A specialist consultant
  • A technical team, with a technical coordinator who will be the focal point with the customer

These are the benefits using this model:

  • Collaboration based on trust and closeness on a day-to-day basis: periodical meetings to share tasks progress
  • Flexibility in dealing with change requests from the end customer
  • Building up high performance teams in a short period of time
  • Customer's IT infrastructure adaptation: working with customer's devices, VPNs, etc., in order to avoid cybersecurity hazards
  • Capability building up facilities next to the customer
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